Additional Parking Capacity Planned for Ellice Road Car Park

Feedback from consultation undertaken in May showed a strong desire for additional parking and on 9 November, the Council’s Resources Committee took the decision to develop a planning application to add two additional decks to the car park on Ellice Road and increase the capacity of the car park from 180 spaces to 362 spaces.

We will shortly be appointing architects and other professionals including a highways consultant to develop the detailed designs for the planning application. Once we have a first set of architectural drawings, we will invite residents adjacent to Ellice Road car park to a workshop with the design team so you can help them refine the plans and address concerns.

If a planning application is submitted by end of December 2017, a decision could be made by end of March 2018. The planning application process will give you another opportunity to make comments before the application is considered by the Council. If planning permission is granted, and depending on the amount of preparatory work which has been done, it should be possible to enter into the construction contract shortly after permission is granted, in which case, works could start in the late spring/early summer of 2018. The estimated length of build is 20 -25 weeks. Under this indicative timetable, the additional parking provision will be available by the end of 2018. Work will be undertaken to reduce this timescale if possible.

You can read the Committee Report in full, and view the architects initial plans for the car park, here. The report on Ellice Road and Johnsdale is agenda item 6, and begins on page 22.